[For the commemoration !!]

Bar Woodball's facebook page got over 10,000 Likes !!!

Now we have a 2nd competition of good pictures on facebook from today !!!


[How to entry]

1. If you have not clicked "Like" of Woodball facebook page yet,
please click it.


2. Take some picture inside of Woodball (Silom or Thong Lo branch)

3. Put the picture on the wall of Woodball facebook page with your comment.

※Please have a permition to put the picture on facebook if you take picture of somebody ecxept you.
※you can put the picture any number you want

4. The winner is who get the most of "Likes" !
※ The Deadline is 30th/June

5. Prizes
#1 iPhone 4 16GB Japanese Ver. +Dom Perignon(Moët et Chandon)
#2 2000Baht Ticket for "Bar Woodball" + Ready made curry 5packs (for 10 people)
#3 1000Baht Ticket for Woodball + Keyboard sandals x5
#4 - #10 500Baht Ticket for Woodball 

and what's more : 1 Asahi Draft Beer for the people who has "0 Like"

We are looking forwared to seeing your pictures ♪